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One defining aspect of the work of a faculty of teachers in a Waldorf school is what is referred to as a "Child Study."

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Want to get your kids into college? Let them play. By Erica and Nicholas Christakis

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Waldorf Graduate Wins
2013 Nobel Prize
in Physiology or Medicine

Thomas Südhof, 57, was in the remote town of Baeza in Spain to attend a conference and give a lecture, when he found out he was one of the Nobel Prize winners this year. "Every scientist dreams of this. I didn't realize there was chance I would be awarded the prize. I am stunned and really happy."

Mr. Südhof spoke of his most influential teacher, his bassoon instructor. "We've made so many major advances during the past 50 years in this field, but there's still much more to learn," said Südhof, who in a 2010 interview with The Lancet credited his bassoon instructor as his most influential teacher for helping him to learn the discipline to practice for hours on end. "Understanding how the brain works is one of the most fundamental problems in neuroscience."

Grade 7 student at OWS won first prize in a national writing contest, the Book Week 2013 Writing Contest. Mackenzie won for her poem Papadum. The contest is sponsored by The Canadian Children's Book Centre who are dedicated to encouraging promoting and supporting the reading, writing and illustrating of Canadian Books for young readers. link to poem

It starts out innocent,
round, flat, a paper thin disc of exotic taste.
But if you looked, really looked,
listened to it's hidden song, you would find much more.
As bubbles rise like volcanoes from it's surface,
steam and smoke combined start drifting.
Only then can you behold the story of it's kind.
We are taken to a far away place,
with long, dry days, and hazy nights.
Unbroken deserts that have broken many,
their whipping sand shrieks, beware, beware.
It takes us to the market place,
where the smell of curry hangs in the air like fog.
My land is like a dragon's home,
hot, fierce, the sun so bright it almost blinds you.
Yet there is beauty,
rough and stained, it grabs your eyes and won't let go.
I was born from this place,
but now I have made my way to yours.

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Welcome to Ottawa Waldorf School
"Human beings are special creatures; their special ability is imagination."
- Dr. David Suzuki
At the Ottawa Waldorf School, we specialise in imagination. From early childhood through Grade Eight, our students work and play in an environment rich in imagination. Through experiential learning, inspired teaching, and a curriculum based on child development, students develop the capacities of critical thinking, initiative, and responsible behaviour.
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With a Waldorf education, your child receives only the best. We understand that the needs of your child do not come straight out of a textbook. School should be a wondrous journey, and at the Ottawa Waldorf School, it is. Individual attention and a hands-on approach foster a life-long love of learning and an appreciation for the natural world. It is about breadth and balance, where cooperation and love is valued over competition.

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